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Mobile homes ciela prestige

The Ciela Prestige range has been developed for holidaymakers seeking maximum comfort and top-of-the-range amenities. In 4 or 6 person versions, the Ciela Prestige mobile homes consist of 2 or 3 bedrooms, including one master bedroom, with total surface areas of 36 and 36 m2 respectively. To optimise your daily comfort and privacy, the Prestige 4 or 6 person rentals have two bathrooms: that is one per bedroom in the 4 person model. There are also two toilets: one inside one of the bathrooms and the other separate.

The internal layout of the Prestige mobile home consists of a central living area, spacious and well-planned with contemporary and tasteful décor. The highlight of the accommodation is its high-quality furniture. A true little holiday villa, the Prestige mobile home is fitted out with luxury furniture which is nothing like traditional mobile homes: comfortable sofa with no wall seating, modern and practical table and chairs and top-of-the-range kitchen furniture. A great deal of care has also been paid to the bedding. For trouble-free holidays, the Ciela Confort Prestige mobile home rental also includes bed linen. Among the top-of-the-range appliances included in the rental are a flat screen TV, reversible air-conditioning, as well as practical kitchen appliances such as a dishwasher, toaster and an electric juice extractor.

The setting of the luxury Confort Prestige rentals is also exceptional: nestled among palm trees and walkways, the accommodation occupies a turfed and beautifully landscaped area. A unique environment for you to enjoy every day from your terrace: made from wood and half-shaded by a gazebo, it is furnished with as much care and taste as the interior. There is a family table on your terrace and outdoor chairs, but also modern and functional ergonomically designed deckchairs so you can enjoy some relaxation time. A plancha grill is also provided for sharing grilled meat and tapas in the open air.