Family activities in South of France

Accrobranche (rope park)

The Argelès forest adventure park has 13 courses for 6 ability levels and can welcome children from the age of 2 with the Ouistiti course. The most demanding courses are accessible for children aged 9 and above if attempting them alone or children aged 5-8 if accompanied by an adult.

A great activity to keep teenagers and children occupied.

The Saint-André discovery farm

Pigs, sheep and goats from a variety of rare and endangered species graze peacefully on the 3-hectare Saint-André discovery farm. A discovery trail, with a number of workshops along the way, offering a fun and educational experience just a few minutes from Argelès. A great outing for young children…

A fantastic day out for young children and families or grandparents…

The Tautavel Man

It’s history time … Have you heard of the Tautavel Man? He was one of our ancestors, discovered at Tautavel, dating from 450,000 years ago, who hadn't yet discovered fire but who was an accomplished hunter. Since then, the excavations have continued in the Caune de l’Arago and many archaeological discoveries are now exhibited in the Tautavel Museum. This is also a fun and cultural activity site for all ages, less than an hour from the Camping les Marsouins campsite.

The BYRRH cellars

It was in Thuir that in 1873 the Violet brothers created the legendary BYRRH brand with its inimitable taste. A great adventure launched by this enterprising family, and one which has continued to the present day, breaking all kinds of records, including the world's largest cellars with a storage capacity of 15 million litres in oak casks, and above all the largest oak vat in the world, with a capacity of more than 1 million litres! Don't miss it! A tasting session awaits you after your visit. Consume with moderation.

The Train Jaune

An enduring symbol of the Pyrénées orientales, the Train Jaune (yellow train) entered service a century ago to serve the Catalan hills. It stops at 22 stations, including the highest in France, Bolquère, at 1593 m, and passes through several outstanding tunnels and bridges. In the summertime, to get the most from the landscapes be sure to choose the open-topped carriage.

The Odeillo solar furnace

Learning about the sciences while having fun. This is the goal of the Heliodyssée with its huge Odeillo solar furnace. A site visit to help you understand the way solar energy works including its future applications, as you discover this 54-metre high furnace.

The Canet en Roussillon Aquarium

Less than 30 minutes from the Camping Ciela Village Les Marsouins campsite, the Canet en Roussillon aquarium boasts more than 350 species from all around the world including sharks, piranhas, turtles, giant toads, iguanas, and all kinds of strange fish. A great day out for the family…