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Picturesque villages in the Meditterranean

Your mobile home in Argelès is ideally situated as it enables you to branch out and explore a multitude of small villages during the day. Far from the main roads, the minor roads leading up these villages are a paradise for motorcyclists.


Collioure has been a source of inspiration for many artists and you only need to visit its picturesque port or its many outstanding viewpoints to see why.

Collioure was once a major merchant port, the holiday destination of the Kings of Majorca and a strategic location fortified by Vauban.

Today, this seaside resort continues to bear witness to its illustrious past. The Royal Castle, the place of residence of the Kings of Majorca, overlooks both the port and the Mouré district, the former fishermen’s district with its maze of steep narrow streets. A little further away, the Madeloc Tower and the Fortress of Saint Elme offer magnificent views over the sea and the Pyrenees.

Port Vendres

Just a few kilometres from the Spanish border, Port-Vendres is a fishing port but also boasts some fine beaches, some of which are supervised. Whether you prefer wide expanses of sand or small creeks, everyone will find what they're looking for here. When out walking, continue on to Cap Béar which juts out to sea like a rocky spur.

Villefranche de Conflent

Just an hour from the Ciela Village Les Marsouins campsite, the village of Villefranche de Conflent is definitely worth a visit. Listed in the UNESCO World Heritage register as one of the 12 major Vauban fortification sites, the village is completely surrounded by ramparts. Outside the village, you can explore further afield by visiting the Liberia fort and the Grandes Canalettes caves.

France's finest villages (Les plus beaux villages de France)

There are five of them in the Pyrénées Orientales. Villefranche de Conflent, but also Castelnou, Eus, Evol and Mosset.

Eus is very proud of its reputation as "France's sunniest village" and many artists stop off here. In Evol and Mosset, we find a distinctive mountain atmosphere with small schist stone shepherds’ houses and flagstone roofs. Remains from the mediaeval period can still be admired. Castelnou, the closest to Argelès, can only be visited on foot. Located just down from its mediaeval castle, it is home to numerous craftsmen.

Serrabona priory

Considered a masterpiece of Catalan Romanesque art, this building dating from the 10th or 11th century was one of the first to be listed as a historical monument. Apart from its location among the holm oaks, and its noteworthy architecture, it also stands out for an outstanding pink marble gallery. Roughly an hour from Argelès, it is accessible by means of a winding narrow road. Ideal for Romanesque architecture enthusiasts.